An ASQ (Ages and Stages Questionnaire) administered every three months of the child’s development allows for parents and teachers to assess the milestones of the child at home and in school, while focusing on literacy and communication, gross-motor skills, fine-motor development, problem-solving, and personal-social skills. The ASQ screener allows for growth of a strong parent-teacher partnership which enhances student success in learning and thriving in the early education atmosphere.

Age Group Questionaire
2 months
4 months
6 months
8 months
9 months
10 months
12 months
14 months
16 months
18 months
20 months
22 months
24 months
27 months
30 months
33 months
36 months
42 months
48 months
54 months
60 months

These are fun games and activities that parents and their young children can do together. There are different activities for different ages of children, from when they are just a few months old up to when they are five or six years old. The activities come on sheets of paper that can be copied and given to parents. The sheets can be printed in different colors and sizes. 

Parents can put them on their fridge or a bulletin board and try the activities with their children whenever they have time. If a child needs extra help in a certain area, the service provider can mark certain games that might be especially helpful. The activities can also be changed to fit the family’s culture and what materials they have at home. Just remember, adults need to watch over children while they do the activities. The activities are available in different languages on the internet or in the ASQ-3 User’s Guide book.

Age Group Action
Infants 1—4 Months
Infants 4—8 Months
Infants 8—12 Months
Infants 12—16 Months
Toddlers 16—20 Months
Toddlers 20—24 Months
Children 24—30 Months
Children 30—36 Months
Children 36—48 Months
Children 48—60 Months
Children 60—66 Months